New:  Self Guided Tours!

Pack a Picnic!

Interested in learning more about Cobb Hill Estate's 750 Acre Private Mountaintop Wedding Venue?

Due to Covid-19 concerns, we are not currently offering Open Houses, but we recently started offering self-guided tours and they are becoming very popular!

Request a self-guided tour approval by entering your name and your preferred date and time, wait for self-tour approval from Vicki Riley our Wedding Venue Coordinator, and if approved,  pack a picnic, and come for a 1-3 hour mountaintop "experience" you will never forget!

You'll experience for yourself the romance of our Mountaintop Summit Rock Cairn, the Sunset Cabin, our outdoor Ceremony Site and Viewing Amphitheater, our out-door dining areas, Treetop Manor (a unique and gorgeous treehouse!), nature trails, our Glamping Tents, say "hi" to our cute long-horn cattle and their babies!

Stop by some of our out-door granite "hangout" bars for a beverage (we have many) and soak up the incredible views, explore our Cantina (indoor Mexican-style bar), our romantic Barn Hayloft, ans so, so much more!

Important Note:  These self guided tours are only available to couples currently seeking a wedding venue, and a limited number of tours are available.

Form to Request Self Guided Tour is Below
Summit Rock Cairn
Sunset Cabin
Glamping Tents
Main House
Sunset Cabin
Treetop Manor
Request A Self Guided Tour
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