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Experience the Magic!

Pack a Picnic!

(if that sounds fun)


Interested in learning more about Cobb Hill Estate's 750 Acre Private Mountaintop Wedding Venue?

Cobb Hill Estate is located in Harrisville, New Hampshire - only 1.5 hours from Boston, Massachusetts, 2 hours from Providence Rhode Island, and 4 hours from New York!


If you don't like high-pressure sales, self-guided tours are the opposite - in fact they are relaxing and romantic!


Pack a picnic and/or a cooler with some of your favorite beverages, and come for a mountaintop experience you will never forget!

Rest assured, you will get all the information a salesperson might have, as you will have an app you can follow that will guide you to all the important points of interest.  And you won't be completely alone - you'll likely bump into the owner or a worker and can ask questions if you would like.  

But you can experience the estate for yourself, at your own pace, the romance of our Mountaintop Summit Rock Cairn, the Sunset Cabin, our outdoor Ceremony Site and Viewing Amphitheater, our out-door dining areas and granite outdoor cocktail bars, Treetop Manor (a unique and magical treehouse!), nature trails, our Glamping Tents, and say "hi" to our cute long-horn cattle and their babies!

Soak up the incredible views, explore our Cantina (indoor Mexican-style bar), our romantic Barn Hayloft, and so, so much more!

Important Note:  These self-guided tours are limited to you, your fiance, and no more than two other friends or family members (a maximum of 4 people total), and are only available to couples currently seeking a wedding venue.

Fun Fact:   We recommend you stop on the way at the Harrisville General Store, pick up a snack, sandwich, bottle of wine, or whatever, and save your receipt and we will Venmo you $20 as a little "congrats on your engagement" gift to you!

Schedule a Self Guided Tour Below
"We LOVED our self-guided tour - the moment our car went past the last switch-back at the top of the mountain, we were breathless and speechless!"  Peter and Karen, Manchester, NH
"We loved the freedom of self-touring and following the App made it so easy! We could take our time and think and talk about lots of different options without feeling any sales pressure" - Jane & Bob, Derry, NH
"We had seen so many great sunset pictures on the website we scheduled a tour at sunset and it was incredible!" - Dan and Cheri, Manchester, NH
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"At first we thought we were totally lost as we came up the long mountain road, but when we got to the top we realized we were in heaven" - Bill and Vicki, Springfield, MA.
"We started at the cute Harrisville General Store, bought some delicious sandwiches, a bottle of red wine, and ended our self-tour with a picnic on the porch of the Sunset Cabin - it was SO amazing!!"  Dan and Gina, Boston, MA
"We loved that we could experience everything alone, had no sales pressure, but were able to ask questions when we bumped into staff as we toured the Estate!"  Margie and Sam, Greenwich, CT
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