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Wedding Expo

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Admittance only for wedding vendors that have registered and have e-ticket number

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Wednesday, June 7th, 6:30-9:30pm

Harrisville, NH

Opportunity to sell to brides and grooms that are interested in connecting with caterers, DJs, bands, photographers, wedding planners, musicians, flower decorators, officiants, hair and makeup, masseuses, and other wedding service providers.

This is not a normal expo, so focus for a moment:   by design, this event is meant to be really FUN for you!  Most wedding professionals are passionate about the services they provide, love being part of the union of two beautiful people.

But according to research, 69 % of wedding vendors dislike selling and marketing in general, and 87% do not enjoy attending expos and see them as an unpleasant but unavoidable chore.

So we designed this event around the concept of creating something FUN for wedding service providers!

Here is why this is different (and FUN!)

Your booth is on top of a mountain, and looks out over 3 states.  So in other words, the magic will begin the moment you arrive.

Your booth is located where you can view the stage and enjoy excellent, live music, so think of it as going out to enjoy live music.  Oh, and if you are a musician you can likely perform on stage and showcase some of your talents.

Are you starting to understand the vibe a little bit?

Event is from 6:30pm - 9:30pm, so odds are you'll be treated to an amazing Sunset over Vermont's Green Mountains.

By design, this is a very small event, so you will have time to engage with prospective clients in much deeper and more enjoyable ways than in a regular expo.

The cost is only $99, so after you factor in the fun and entertainment value, making your money back is easy!

But if you have never attended Cobb Hill Estate's version of a Wedding Expo you can t
ry one for only $9.99!

And, if you register in the next 30 minutes, you get a free dinner -Cobb Hill Estate's legendary Mountain Burger! 

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Admittance only for those that have pre-registered and have e-ticket number

Click Here to Pre-Register


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