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Wedding Grants
$115,450 Granted To Date
76% of applicants receive funds
Receive your answer in 72 Hours 

Heartfelt Beginnings:

Supporting Service-Oriented Couples


At Cobb Hill Estate, we believe in celebrating love and commendable careers dedicated to serving mankind and the public. Our Heartfelt Beginnings Grant is designed to ease the financial burden of couples who have devoted their lives to helping others and are planning to embark on their matrimonial journey at our venue. We're eager to know your inspiring stories and help turn your dream wedding into reality!

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The owners (shown above), a couple who raised their own children on top of the mountain at Cobb Hill Estate and have logged years of volunteering for non-profits and other for-purpose enterprises, have set up a fund to help finance weddings for couples that have chosen to work in the spirit of helping others and might need some extra help manifesting their dream wedding!

If one or both of you is in a service field, you are invited to apply!  There is no application fee and the application itself is simple.

Many students also qualify, and an application can be filled out in less than 10 minutes, so they encourage you to take a moment and fill an application out so you can see if you receive an award!

Examples of some types of "service" workers

  1. Registered Nurse: Providing healthcare and support to patients.

  2. Social Worker: Assisting individuals and families through difficult times and connecting them with necessary resources.

  3. Teacher: Educating and nurturing students to help them develop their potential.

  4. Firefighter: Protecting communities by responding to fires and other emergency situations.

  5. Military Serviceman/Servicewoman: Working to help protect freedom and the lives of fellow Americans.

  6. Public Health Professional: Working towards preventing disease and promoting community health.

  7. Nonprofit Worker: Engaging in various roles within organizations that drive social impact.

  8. Environmental Scientist: Addressing environmental issues and working towards sustainability.

  9. Special Education Teacher: Catering to the educational needs of students with various disabilities.

  10. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): Providing immediate medical attention during emergency situations.

  11. Counselor/Therapist: Assisting individuals with mental health and emotional issues.

  12. Dietitian: Advising people on their eating habits to ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  13. Speech-Language Pathologist: Helping individuals with speech, language, and swallowing disorders.

  14. Occupational Therapist: Assisting people to develop, recover, improve, and maintain the skills needed for daily living and working.

  15. Veterinarian: Taking care of animals and ensuring they receive proper medical attention.

  16. Legal Aid Attorney: Providing legal services to individuals who cannot afford them.

  17. Human Rights Advocate: Working towards protecting and promoting basic human rights.

  18. Public Servant: Engaging in various government roles aimed at serving the community.

  19. Research Scientist (in relevant fields like medical, environmental, etc.): Conducting research that can enhance knowledge and pave the way for advancements that benefit society.

  20. Aid Worker: Helping people in areas affected by war, natural disasters, or poverty.

  21. Other:  There are many others, above are just examples.

These careers span various sectors but are united by a common thread: a dedication to serving others and making a positive impact.

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