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At Cobb Hill Estate's mountaintop venue we are fortunate to be in a town with a total population of only 900 residents, and blessed with 750 private, sprawling acres, healthy fresh air, an expansive outdoor ceremony site and amphitheater, a large wedding tent with removable sides for maximum fresh air, and an extraordinary amount of outdoor space  for dining, dancing, and social distancing.

Although we are so fortunate to have these natural resources and surroundings, we are also taking many steps for maximum COVID safety:

  • We have redesigned our facility and created "the Monadncok Room" - a stunning outdoor area with no walls and no ceiling, for outdoor cocktails and dining.  This "room" has 100% fresh air 24x7, views of 3 states, serving bars, and socially distanced tables.

  •  We have created an extremely large (11,000 cubic feet per minute!) fresh air handling system for the main wedding tent.

  • We have added an equally large (11,000 cubic feet per minute) fresh air handling system for the Barn (Hayloft, Cantina, and Photo Stage zone).

  • We have renovated our air handling system in the Main House to introduce high volumes of additional fresh, mountaintop air.

  • We are increasing the size of our wedding ceremony site amphitheater so it can easily accommodate guests in a spread out, socially distanced and extra comfortable manner.

  • We are expanding our outdoor celebration area to accommodate significant social distancing.

  • We have upgraded our wi-fi at the Sunset Cabin and Mountaintop Cairn so guests can spread out further and still have speedy internet.

  • We have built several more outdoor fire pits to allow for plenty of distance between guests and fire-side access.

  • We are upgrading our septic system in the Glamping Area for additional sanitation.

  • We are designing new seating arrangements for maximum social distancing and comfort.

  • We have created two food Covid-19 relief efforts that are providing meals for our local community.

Along with the rest of our nation, we look forward to the days when the Covid-19 virus is behind us, but we also recognize this may not be for quite some time, so we are taking extraordinary measures to keep our guests safe and create the healthiest, most invigorating, relaxing, and magical moments and memories.

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