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Self-Guided Tour

Harrisville General Store
(Allow us to Treat You!)

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Harrisville General Store 1.jpg

Directions:  Set your GPS for the Harrisville General Store

When you arrive at the Harrisville General Store, your self-guided tour of the Cobb Hill Estate experience has begun!

Their hours vary from time to time so hopefully they are open when you arrive!

We recommend popping in to soack up its quaintness (if that's a word), charm, and get a peek into how your wedding guests will experience some serious history and a thriving, cute Country Store!

And of course they have bathrooms if you are in need of one after your travels!

We also recommend you pick up a snack, beverage, a sandwich, beer, wine, or whatever else you might like to enjoy up on top of the mountain!

Most mountains you have to hike to get to the top - this one you can drive to, so consider treating yourself to whatever might make your experience extra special since you don't have to carry it all up by hand or in a back pack, ha ha!

Oh, we almost forgot an important detail - email us a picture of your receipt before you go to and your Venmo handle and we'll Venmo you $20 to go towards whatever items you purchase (so long as the email with your receipt is sent on the same day as your tour).

So treat yourself!!!

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