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Dear Mountain Climbers,

We are so excited to have you visiting and touring the Mountaintop today (by car - no need to hike unless you want to)!

Your tour is going to start at the Harrisville General Store in downtown Harrisville, and this note is to orient you on what you need to get started on your adventure.

Since the first point of interest is before you get to Cobb Hill Estate, please be sure to start this tour either right before you leave for Cobb Hill Estate or during your journey over.

Over a thousand couples have tied the knot at Cobb Hill Estate's mountaintop venue over the last two decades, and from our experience, you are in the most difficult moment of the wedding planning process which most couples find painful: choosing a venue and a date! Choosing a venue that matches the vision and vibe you’re looking for and a specific date is the hardest part of the process!  Once you identify a venue and lock a date in, things get instantly so much more FUN!

Unfortunately, finding available dates at Cobb Hill Estate can be challenging, and we feel badly that couples have to compete with each other for dates - we hope whatever your dream date has not yet been taken!

Please understand that it is likely that an event just took place at Cobb Hill Estate and people just checked out, so beds may not be made, rooms may not be clean, and things may not present well.  We are always slam-booked and have limited opportunities for tours to come through and we ask your forgiveness for whatever messes you are about to encounter!


We have structured our tours so you don’t feel pushed into anything by a salesperson, can go at your own pace, have time as you wander to communicate privately with each other and muse about all the different possibilities for your family and friends.

We initially started doing tours this way when Covid pandemic started so visitors could feel safe and comfortable, but discovered couples much preferred this format, so we’ve kept it in place.

Enjoy your tour!


Team Cobb Hill Estate

p.s.  Again, you need to click the "Begin Tour" button BEFORE you get to Harrisville, NH so you can be started in the right place and find your way properly to the Mountaintop!

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